Our newest service provides the most convenient and simple process to get your image printed directly onto a garment. We use a Brother Direct to Garment printer for whites, lights and darks. However, DTG is limited to what type of fabric we can print on. Primarily, only 100% cotton is ideal for this process, but we will print on lower poly/cotton blended shirts as well. This process prints directly onto the garment, just like an inkjet printer would print onto paper.

Why DTG?

There are no limits to how many colors can be printing and setup fees are eliminated with this printing process. Direct to Garment printing is perfect for producing small runs. Any high-resolution image can be printed onto a garment producing a vibrant, detailed print.

Contact us today for your Direct to Garment printing needs, or for a free quote. We offer our DTG services to customers in Massachusetts ( MA ) and nearby communities.

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